Every recruitment assignment is unique

Recruit directly or hire a consultant. We offer the solution that best suits your business goals and strategy.

In the current labour market, recruitment is a priorotized critical investment. Finding the right candidates and ensuring that they fulfil the right requirements is one part, however, minimizing the risk for investment losses is,our field of expertise. MultiMind’s recruitment model is unique, reliable and effective. It is characterized by consideration, openness and hard work.

The process of recruiting someone is often not uniform and can differ substantially between assignments and industries. However, with a CV bank containing over 200 unique CV’s a month alongside our active engagement in international societies and networks, career fairs, lectures, seminars and headhunting activities, we always provide the best applicants in all of our processes. Our recruitment process is diversity certified, which means that our work procedure actively and strategically integrates diversity from start to finish.

Professional Consideration
Our clients will be received professionally focusing on confidentiality and quality, regardless of the nature of the assignment. We share a close dialogue with our clients every step of the way and deliver continuous feedback ongoingingly – not only with clients but just as importantly with candidates as well.

Recruitment of executives and specialists
MultiMind has a number of experienced recruitment consultants who offer a range of industry specific expertise in the recruitment of managerial and specialist positions. . Our consultants are certified in a number of psychometric tests, including IPU, OPQ, MQ, Cut-e and UPP. Just like our staffing and recruitment solutions, we are specialists in headhunting and engaging executives with key skills in successfully leading multicultural teams.. For more information on recruitment of executives and specialists please contact .