What does a successful hip hop producer have in common with the CEO of an energy company?

Anna Carlsson Sigstedt 18 January 2019

Getting to hand over a diploma to hip hop producer Pato Pooh in his studio NBLSOUND creates a special feeling. It is here that music producers like Denniz Pop and Max Martin have created global hits for artists like Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys, among others. According to Pato, their success is in the air and it is infectious.

Pato says his success is based on giving, giving, and giving. For instance, in social media where he continues to share content and has the energy to keep it up. Despite the fact that in the beginning one does not receive much direct response, but it is important to stay the course and think long-term. Giving brings success.

New talent can be found at youth centers, among other places. It can be kids who are, or want to become, hip-hop artists, producers, filmmakers or DJs. The kids must have their own drive and Pato lets them grow in a professional environment. In the studio everyone has the same responsibility for the place.

He is convinced that collaboration between different art forms makes people learn from each other. Pato dares to believe in people that no one else has believed in. Being a good role model is important to encourage the young people to believe in themselves, showing that it is possible to succeed in hip-hop without being a “gangsta” rapper.

Anders Egelrud is the CEO of the energy company Stockholm Exergi. He wants to find the best talent and is happy to try new recruitment paths to add more diversity to the search. For a year, Pato has been Anders mentor in the Fryshuset Up & Coming Executive Program.

The IT industry is screaming for labor. If we are to succeed in finding more IT talent, I think we can learn a lot from Pato and Anders. It is just a matter of daring to try and having the energy to find new ways, wanting to search for new groups of people and showing them different role models to make them interested. What do we need to do to succeed in catching them early on?

Maybe the answer is an IT studio where different kinds of IT talent can meet. At the graduation ceremony, I realized that during the day’s talks, a new kind of collaboration had started to grow. Pato and Anders will create something that can provide several new opportunities...