Welcome Katarina – our new intern from Finland!

14 February 2020

Hi Katarina! We’re very happy to welcome you as an intern at MultiMind. You will be here for five months as part of our recruitment team. We’re keen to get to know you better. Tell us a bit about yourself:

Katarina Appelberg is my name, I’m an adventurous and positive 24-year-old from Finland currently studying a bachelor’s degree in business. Part of my program is doing an internship and I wanted to do mine abroad, so Stockholm seemed like a good alternative. Last semester I was doing an exchange semester in Bangkok.

What do you think about Stockholm so far?

I like this city- I have been here before. I feel quite at home in Stockholm and Sweden since I find it similar to Finland in culture and customs, especially coming from Bangkok recently. But still this is different than Finland in other ways which is part of why I chose to come here. I also wanted to improve my Swedish skills and I’m considering doing my master’s in Sweden.

How did you find MultiMind and why did you choose to do your internship with us?

I was searching online for internships and I found a link to an ad from MultiMind on Helsinki University’s website. I read up on it and MultiMind instantly seemed like a really good fit as I could learn a lot, use my languages and also develop my Swedish. So, I decided to apply!

What are you looking forward to learning here?

I want to know more about the recruitment process and what kind of job this is. I have no previous experience from this industry, and it’ll be interesting to learn more. I’m open to learn anything and everything.  

Now it’s time for five quick ones:

1.       Karelian pies or cinnamon buns?  Karelian pies.  
2.       Pippi or Moomin? Moomin.
3.       Marabou or Fazer? Fazer.
4.       Sauna or Swedish meatballs? Sauna. Because we have Finnish meatballs.
5.       Abba or Lordi? Abba.

And lastly, what are they actually singing in the first lines of Bomfunk MC’s 1999 superhit ‘Freestyler’?
Well, in my mind it’s: “Freestyler, rakka rakka voe, yeah!”  

Thank you, Katarina!

Katarina will be working with Finnish speaking candidates during her internship with MultiMind. Are you a Finnish speaker looking for new opportunities within eg. customer service, administration or sales? Or do you have questions about how it is to move from Finland to Sweden for work? Feel free to get in touch: , or to our other Finnish speaking recruitment consultant Veera: .