Swedes Worldwide and MultiMind - a meaningful cooperation

By: Karin Ehnbom-Palmquist Secretary General 21 December 2015

Swedes Worldwide is a nonprofit, independent organization that represents the 660,000 Swedes living abroad as well as Swedish clubs, associations, chambers of commerce, Swedish schools and the Swedish Church. We monitor, influence and inform on issues relating to expatriates and are the only lobby organization that responds to referrals relating to Swedes living abroad.

Every year we present the award "Swede of the Year Abroad". The winner for 2015 went to the phenomenally successful music producer Max Martin. The award is widely recognized in the media world, both in Sweden and internationally.

Swedes Worldwide provides support and advice to people moving abroad, living in another country or moving back to Sweden. We also have an expert panel of attorneys and psychotherapists happy to advise expatriates. Via our magazine and digital communications channels, we highlight issues of interest to people moving out, returnees and those living abroad. Around the world we have over one hundred representatives from our organization locally that help Swedes needing advice in their new home countries. They are an important complement to the Swedish embassies.

Those returning to Sweden after living abroad have gained valuable experience, knowledge and contacts to share. Some of them experience difficulties when attempting to re-adapt to Swedish society, because many employers have neither interest in, or knowledge of the delicate merits working or studying abroad usually provides. We are delighted with our cooperation with MultiMind, which of course actively works to engage people with experience abroad and international expertise.

This is an important cooperation that benefits a large group of expatriates that have moved back home. Several of our members have participated in MultiMind’s summer party, company evenings and get-togethers, and some that have moved home to Sweden have found new jobs through you. We look forward to deepening our partnership and are planning a joint seminar with MultiMind, which we hope will lead to further contacts and opportunities.

More information about the Worldwide Swedes and how to become a member can be found on our site at www.sviv.se. Sign up there to get the magazine and newsletters - and like us on Facebook!

Karin Ehnbom-Palmquist, Secretary General