Social Media Manager – Strategist for Corporate Digital Presence

1 July 2019

MultiMind works closely with customers that want to hire permanent and temporary personnel for their marketing and communications department. It is an exciting time we live in when the labor market cries out for excellence in communication for digital channels and marketing in social media. Companies are expected to be active and own their own presence in social media in a time where everything that is written digitally remains digital. Who do you want to be a voice for the company? And What properties must a social media manager have?

A Social Media Manager is responsible for all or part of a company’s digital presence. In the same way as a PR expert, it is important to possess the knowledge of how a brand’s positive qualities are highlighted. A skilled Social Media Manager knows how to create content that both responds to customer questions and engages followers.

What is attractive to communicate and what will followers catch on to? In today’s ever conscious and changing world, a Social Media Manager must constantly be updated. In a fast-online economy, the best communicators are in tune with the latest trends in the most important social channels. 

It is about being able to calibrate with the outside world as the algorithms that control traffic on the Internet change. Today, you can get a lot of information about your followers if you track conversions of your brand. For a Social Media Manager, it simplifies the analysis of content to be able to compile tailor-made strategies that can be adapted to the market. The more you know about your customer, the easier it is to create a message that resonates between companies and followers.

A big mistake many companies make is to hire people who lack a professional background in communication. In some cases, you might hire an Influencer, a person who has such a large audience on one or more social media platforms that the channel generates revenue.

Just like a Social Media Manager, an Influencer can create stories that both attract and is shared. Therefore, it is easy to believe that an Influencer is suitable for a company that wants to recruit a Social Media Manager. In some cases, it might work. But the big difference is that Influencers choose their own stories while a sharp communicator can create an attractive storyline for any company.

As a communicator and Social Media Manager you need to constantly adapt and keep track of how to set up strategies based on purpose, target group and message. The ability to intercept and determine what is attractive to communicate is constantly dictated by current trends. A skillful communicator considers the company policy, which governs allowable forms of expression. Communicating in social media for a company is very different from speaking from self-expression. Therefore, it is important to constantly reconnect to and build a good storyline aimed at the company and the message.

The market economy is changing incredibly fast and is sometimes difficult to keep up with – what is modern today is out tomorrow. Therefore, it is important to stay up to date on the latest trends in the various social channels and any new platforms that might emerge. With a competent Social Media Manager that is equipped with the right tools for analyzing content, the company can easily pull away from competitors and attract more customers.