Review Tolga Demir: That companies shouldn’t care about origin, age or gender is a cliché

Tolga Demir 13 December 2017

I’m not someone that usually eavesdrops on the subway. Rather, I’m the one staring down at my mobile and disappearing into the movie reviews on YouTube. But the other day I heard two managers discussing the need for their business to work smarter when it comes to diversity.

“You should not care about where people come from, their gender, age or orientation,” they said.

That’s when it hit me. Is diversity not caring about the person behind the skills? Or have we misunderstood the entire concept?

It makes me think of the recruitment meetings I have been invited to where the recruiter tries to do their best not to care about my origin. Suddenly there’s an elephant in the room that feeds on the feeling of the unspoken.  

I was born in Turkey, in a multicultural city on the Mediterranean coast. It has made me socially comfortable and forward when I am among people I do not know. But I grew up in Laxå, which gives me a Swedish perspective in discussions.

For my part, it’s perfectly fine to ask about my background as long as it is relevant to the job I’m looking for. I am my own brand and it has been shaped by my life experiences. So, do not pretend you do not see my colors and shades, but ask about them. Dare to find out how I can use them in my work.

As a recruitment and staffing manager, I attach great importance to the personality and the person behind the CV. Therefore, I always start by reading the personal letter. Competence can always be learned, but personality and history are unique, and cannot be replaced by education.

At MultiMind, it was clear during the interview that they saw my multicultural background as a strength. It allows me to understand different people better and thus “I click” faster with both customers and staff.

 The recognition from MultiMind made me stronger and more secure. It opened my mind and led me to deliver even better results.

Dare to see the person behind the skills. And do not be afraid to explore the different color combinations of your future employees.

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Tolga Demir
Staffing & Recruitment Manager, MultiMind