Returning expatriates are important labor resource

19 December 2015

No less than seven percent of Sweden's population lives abroad. MultiMind has partnered with the association, Swedes Worldwide, a nonprofit organization that represents the 660,000 Swedes who live, work or study abroad.

As a Silver Partner MultiMind helps with recruitment, temporary staffing and consulting for returning Swedes.

“Those who study or work abroad, gain unique expertise and it is important that their multicultural experience is utilized in the Swedish labor market when they return to Sweden,” says Kristian Andersson, CEO at MultiMind.  

During the fall, Swedes Worldwide held a bi-yearly conference for expatriate Swedes with the goal of highlighting issues affecting expatriates and enhancing their legitimacy. The business community and politicians participated to discuss taxes, pensions, insurance and civil rights, and migration and expatriate Swedes as a resource for Sweden.

As the new chairman of Swedes Worldwide, Tuve Johannesson wants to highlight the benefits of international exchanges of students and researchers. Education is another important area and Swedes Worldwide believe that Swedish students must receive better information on how to explore the possibilities of studying abroad. At the same time, Sweden must be better at receiving foreign students.

“We live in an increasingly globalized society and understanding different cultures and utilizing knowledge from other countries increases the competitiveness of Swedish companies,” says Kristian Andersson.

Swedes Worldwide also develops networks for expatriates, both in Sweden and abroad. The organization is also very active on Facebook. And do not miss the article in this issue of Mixed, this time it was written by Karin Ehnbom-Palmquist, Secretary General of Swedes Worldwide.