Press: Collaboration with Almi for increased diversity in recruitment

Yichu Chung 18 September 2015

For several years Almi Företagspartner has promoted diversity as one of the group’s overall business goals. In a recently completed contract, MultiMind will now be assisting the organization with their recruitment and staffing needs.

Almi’s mission is to create growth and innovation in the business community. At the same time the company has a vision of becoming one of Sweden’s most attractive employers. Workplaces where employees have different backgrounds are more dynamic and groups also work more efficiently.

Success requires a focus on increased diversity and gender balance. With that in mind Almi works not only with these issues internally, but makes the same demands of its suppliers.

“It is important for us that recruitment companies work actively with diversity issues and that they see them as part of their sustainability efforts,” says Ingrid Kalderén, HR Director at Almi.

The contract outlined clear requirements for tenderers regarding diversity work linked to the entire staffing process. An example of this is that both sexes and different nationalities will be represented in the recruitment company’s candidate lists.

Almi’s criteria were well in line with MultiMind’s business concept that international expertise and diversity helps to create heterogeneous work groups.

“Dynamic workplaces are created by an equal distribution of gender, age and background in all aspects of operations, and we have worked that way since our inception fifteen years ago,” says Kristian Andersson, CEO at MultiMind.