Multicultural customer service creates better communication for TeliaSonera International Carrier

10 December 2015

TeliaSonera International Carrier (TSIC), owns and operates one of the world’s largest fiber-optic networks. It delivers cross-border service capacity to international telecom operators in 85 countries throughout Europe, the USA and Asia.

Global technology solutions and around the clock support require broad knowledge and local understanding of customers’ changing needs. TSIC’s customer service in Stockholm works with many different nationalities, and beyond the corporate language, which is English, there are more than ten other languages spoken originating ​​from three continents. All customer service representatives have studied telecommunications at the university level and several support technicians are experts in various areas.

In addition to technical and language skills great value is placed on the staff’s experience in customer-oriented work. Understanding different cultures and having knowledge about various ways of cooperation is important, particularly in contacts with customers. When it comes to recruiting and hiring of personnel with international backgrounds, TSIC consults with MultiMind.

“A task can often be solved in several ways, and customer service must have the ability to consider different possibilities, and to communicate different types of solutions with both customers and colleagues,” says Anna Demchenko, Head of Voice and Mobile Customer Care, TSIC.

“Bringing the world closer – on the customer’s terms” is the mission of TeliaSonera, and understanding of the customer permeates the entire group. Customer understanding is also one of TSIC’s ten carrier declarations for creating cross-border communications and multicultural teams is an important part of this work.

Showing respect for individual differences, talents or personal characteristics is part of the diversity management protocol included in TeliaSonera’s ethical guidelines and anti-discrimination policies. As a female manager with an immigrant background, Anna Demchenko points to herself as a living example.   

“From my perspective, diversity work in an international company is something that comes naturally.”