Lack of IT skills threatens growth

Maria Lindberg Howard 28 December 2018
Helena Carlsson, CEO DF-Kompetens, Aida Faiz, External Relations Officer Korta Vägen, Stockholms universitet & founder of Diversity in Tech and Tolga Demir, Staffing & Recruitment Manager MultiMind Bemanning

MultiMind, Diversity in Tech and Korta vägen hosted a breakfast seminar on the subject of expertise in the IT industry. The situation is acute - within the next few years there will be a need for 70,000 IT experts in Sweden. In order for companies to face the challenge, sustainable recruitment based on diversity and innovation is required.

Internships and mentoring
Aida Faiz is Relations Officer for Korta vägen, a labor market training program for foreign academics at Stockholm University. She is convinced that internships not only provide relevant experience, they also create important professional contacts. And mentoring helps foreign students understand how Swedish workplaces operate. As an initiator for Diversity in Tech, she wants to support HR managers and project managers to create sustainable recruitment processes and inclusive workplaces.

Higher competence and lifelong learning
Swedish training academy, Dataföreningen Kompetens, offers higher education in IT, and helps professionals with career development issues, with lifelong learning as a guiding light. According to CEO Helena Carlsson, companies need to realize that competence throughout the entire organization need to be increased. And the work must start at the management level.

Diversity and wider recruitment paths
Not recognizing diversity as a resource causes many IT talents to be lost along the way. According to Tolga Demir, Staffing & Recruitment Manager at MultiMind, employers must begin thinking about new paths and broadening their scope of recruitment to find the staff they need. Companies that dare to be different are also more attractive to job seekers.   

In the subsequent group discussions, seminar participants raised examples of how everyone could contribute:  

What can you do to reduce the lack of IT experts?
- Talk more about IT to make the area less abstract
- Be a professional image for children and adolescents
- Encourage schoolchildren to educate themselves in IT
- Create networks for girls who want to learn to code
- Make school subject’s technique and math more attractive

What can your company do to minimize the lack of IT experts?
- Identify employees with special talents
- In case of organizational changes, staff can be trained later
- Individualize job listings to reach the right people
- Question old criteria on job seekers
- Dare try people out who do not meet all requirements

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