Five quick questions about recruitment of Finns in Sweden

1 July 2019

 We had a chat with Jenni Vitala, Staffing & Recruitment Manager at MultiMind, and asked some questions regarding recruitment of Finns in Sweden. 

- What are the benefits of being Finnish when you recruit Finns?
The main advantage is of course the language – being able to communicate in your mother tongue makes it very easy when recruiting Finnish candidates. Conducting an interview in Finnish also makes the candidate feel more comfortable and lowers the barriers at the same time. We can connect in a more personal way, which makes it easier for candidates who are nervous before the interview. Since I myself was born and raised in Finland and know the cultural differences, I know how I can approach different Finnish personalities. That is one of the most important and biggest advantages when recruiting Finns.

- What are the main differences between the Finnish and Swedish industries?
In Finland, I feel that we are more “Straight to Business” than in Sweden. We have fewer meetings and make faster decisions in a work process. There is a different view and culture regarding meetings, and we are not afraid to take greater responsibility. Decisions can be made on a more individual basis. Swedes also seem to be more afraid of conflicts. In Finland I feel that we are less afraid to express our opinions, we separate the private from work. In Sweden, I feel that the boundaries between one’s personal opinions and one’s professional side intertwine.

- What benefits can Finnish job seekers take advantage of?
One thing I have noticed is that Finns are highly valued here in Sweden – Swedes’ impression of us is that we are a hardworking people and that we take care of business. It is a great advantage to be Finnish in Sweden because there are many jobs in Stockholm where you must be able to speak Finnish.

- What tips can you give Finnish candidates looking for a job in Stockholm?
Dare to speak more English! As a Finn, it is very easy to be critical of your language skills and we often want the language to be “perfect”. But it is more important that you take the step to talk more, and it is even better if you choose to communicate in Swedish. In Stockholm there are an incredible number of staffing companies. MultiMind is one of those that can help you find a job. Dare to contact a recruitment agency! In Sweden, personalities are also valued more when they are looking for a candidate. Dare to show who you are and your personality. Be active and update your profile on LinkedIn frequently to show recruiters and employers that you are open to new job opportunities.

- What do you miss most about Finland?
The first thing I think of, apart from family and friends, is the sauna (laughter). We have no sauna adjacent to our apartment or cottage. And every time I go to Finland it’s one of the first things I do – go to a sauna. Preferably every day! Then I miss talking more in my mother tongue. Going to a shop or making a call to customer service, it’s a very different thing to get to communicate about everyday things in your native language.