Five quick questions about recruitment of Danes in Sweden

Maria Lindberg Howard 7 January 2019

We had a chat with Ann-Sofie Pagh, Staffing & Recruitment Manager at MultiMind, and asked some questions regarding recruitment of Danes in Sweden.

 1. What are the benefits that you yourself are Danish when you recruit Danes?
The advantage of being Danish when recruiting Danes is first and foremost the language. Often language is of high importance in the positions that we are recruiting Danes for, so the fact that I am able to speak and write Danish with them, and thereby assess their language first hand, I reckon is a great advantage. Second, it is also an advantage that I understand the questions and concerns they might have because I have been there myself. I have moved from Denmark to Sweden to work, so I know what kinds of cultural and practical issues that Danes might encounter and can advise and support them on these matters.

 2. What are the biggest differences between the Danish and Swedish business sectors?
First of all, I believe that the similarities are greater than the differences. However, I think the main difference you will experience is in relation to business communication. Danes perceive Swedes as very consensus-oriented, seeking compromises, focused on getting as many people on board as possible when making decisions. Whereas Danes are more likely to question things and are maybe less afraid of confrontation. Of course, this is generally speaking; we do compromise a lot as well, and I am sure that Swedes also question things when required.

 3. What tips can you give Danish candidates seeking a job in Stockholm?
My tip would be to start out by contacting a recruitment firm and asking them for advice on how to approach the job search. If you are completely new to the Swedish job market, it can be difficult to know where to start. I am sure that you may also have a lot of other questions like “How do I find a place to stay?”, “How do I get a personal identification number?” and so on. We can guide you, not only in the search for a job, but in the whole process, and help you get answers to all the other questions you might have.

 4. What advantages can Danish job seekers make use of?
You should not limit yourself by looking only at Danish-speaking position. I do think that you actually have a great opportunity to draw on your language skills. Many international organizations have located their Nordic headquarters in Stockholm, and they are interested in you specifically because you speak Danish. Also, if you focus on Danish-speaking roles the competition is lower, which ultimately enhances your chances. 

5. What do you miss most from Denmark?
In terms of food, I would say real Danish ryebread. Other than that, maybe my bike (and the bike lanes – it feels safer to bike in Denmark).

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