Five quick questions about Diverseco

Maria Lindberg Howard 4 May 2018

Five quick questions about ...

We had a talk with Raheleh Rouhani, Staffing and Recruitment Manager at MultiMind/project manager Diverseco and asked some questions regarding an ongoing project with the exciting name of Diverseco.

What is Diverseco?
Diverseco is a diversity and inclusion project launched by MultiMind. It helps us to become even clearer in our position and serves as an extension of our many years of work on these issues. The name Diverseco means diversity in Esperanto.

Why is it important to have a definition of diversity?
In today’s society, social responsibility has become more important for companies in order to clearly show what they stand for, and to discuss and share their values. MultiMind works actively with diversity. and tries to show it every day and in everything we do.

What does Diverseco mean for MultiMind’s candidates?
For candidates who share our values, it becomes easier to choose MultiMind as an employer or as a catalyst for future opportunities. With our inclusive vision and approach, MultiMind becomes the obvious choice.

What does Diverseco mean for MultiMind’s customers?
More and more companies demand knowledge regarding diversity and inclusion. Because customers share our values, they have a very good partner in MultiMind. We focus on filling their resource needs with new skills, as well as creating synergies and increased creativity through heterogeneous teams.  

And what does Diverseco mean for MultiMind’s office staff?
It helps to clarify communication with customers, candidates and colleagues. It is extremely important that we dare to discuss topics that are sometimes considered a bit taboo. By recognizing one’s prejudices for oneself and others, one takes steps towards turning something negative to something positive. Knowledge is the factor that will lower the thresholds in society that could be an obstacle to our future candidates and employees.