Employee Interview: Nerissa's MultiMind Story

(Consumer & Market Insight)

16 April 2020

Hi Nerissa! You joined the MultiMind family last September. We'd love to hear your story.

Could you start to introduce yourself? Who are you, where are you working at the moment, what you like to do in a spare time?

Yeah! My name is Nerissa Reyes. I’m working as a Consumer and Market Insights Coordinator in an FMCG-company through MultiMind and have been working here since September 2019.

In my spare time I dance all the time! I love dancing, especially Latino ones.

How did you become a MultiMind consultant? What is the story behind it?

I was new in Sweden and I applied for jobs and found out it’s very difficult to get a job here. I applied to what felt like a thousand jobs from different companies and one was a market research job in MultiMind. I never got any reply from that. However, later MultiMind contacted me regarding another position. I went through the process and I got offered the job where I’m actually working right now.

Before MultiMind contacted me, I had another process going on and I was supposed to take it, but they never came back to me. Thinking back at the situation now I'm glad they didn’t reach out to me again because I got something more in my current job than I expected to get.

I’m very grateful to MultiMind. It’s been such a great opportunity to get started my career in Sweden and manage to get so far in a short time.

How are you adjusting your work during COVID-19 and how's that going?

I’m working from home and we have flexible working hours. It’s been a good system regarding the situation but have to say I’m not really "working from home" -person, so it was very annoying for the first few weeks because you can’t see your co-workers and don’t have any real face to face connections during the day.

I joined a team at work where we organize meetings and do activities together. Due to the situation, we have those meetings more often because people need support from each other now more than ever.

Could you describe what kind of employer MultiMind is with three words:

1. "Opportunities giver"
2. Very engaging
3. Helpful and open employer

Where would you like to be in your career five years from now?

My dream has been always working as a marketing strategical consultant in a small business. I’d escalate that I have more business knowledge and I stick to learn a lot.

Thank you Nerissa! We are very proud to have you as a MultiMind employee!