Employee interview: Maher's story

(Customer Service)

3 April 2020

Hi Maher! You joined the MultiMind family around 2 months ago. We'd love to hear your story.

Could you start to introduce yourself? Who are you, where are you working at the moment, what you like to do in a spare time?

Yeah! My name is Maher Saion and I’m from Norway. I work through MultiMind in a customer service position by taking care of customers' phone calls and emails in a Norwegian team. In the future I’m also going to work with social media and chat.

In my free time, I hang out with friends, play videogames, do sports in the gym, and other normal things. I was planning to join some local football team in Stockholm because I have played football before and I think it would be nice to continue it.

How did you become a MultiMind consultant? What is the story behind it?

Actually, I sent my CV to some job mobility portal 4-5 years ago and was it maybe 5 months ago I got a phone call from MultiMind that they have found my CV from the internet and offered me a job. I was excited about that and we kept in touch via mail, but I didn’t react to all emails that fast, so the job was already gone. However, MultiMind reached me 2 months ago again by offering another role and I found out it’s my time now. I was lucky and got a job, then I packed my stuff and moved to Stockholm.

What is your greatest moment or biggest goal you have achieved in life so far?

Before I came to Sweden, I worked at a Swedish company in Thailand. I was living in Bangkok and HuaHin during these times. First, I started to work as a sales person and I was really good at it. Later on, I got a promotion and became the team leader of sales. I'm proud of this, I think this is my biggest goal I achieved in life so far.

What motivates you at work?

Results. When I see better results that I have been responsible for on contributed to. Or if I feel like I'm doing well – those things give me a lot of motivation. 

What have you worked with previously?

I have been working in many different environments and have definitely experienced various kinds of workplaces. The previous places I have worked in is mainly different kinds of office jobs. But I have also worked as a waiter and safety inspector where I was checking work environments and making sure that they were safe and ergonomic. I had to sign a safety agreement before employees were allowed to work in there.

Thank you Maher! We are very proud to have you as a MultiMind employee!