Business leaders line up to become adepts

Maria Lindberg Howard 13 December 2017

The labor market is still governed by a series of invisible structures that determine how and who can make a successful career. But within the business industry, a desire for change is growing. The second round of the Fryshuset Up & Coming Executive Program is now starting and there is a great interest among Swedish business leaders.

The aim of the program is for older leaders, with a traditional career background, to get to know younger leaders with other experiences, who have found new ways of achieving success. By broadening approaches for competence and diversity, leaders can start thinking differently about recruitment to find the talent their company needs.

The mentor program is part of Fryshuset’s recruitment service known as Up & Coming. The program strives to communicate street smart skills to Swedish companies. Among the selected mentors in the second round are process managers, communications advisers, project managers, music producers, sports leaders and an artist as well as many entrepreneurs. Everyone has experienced different conditions and were forced to find their own strategies for success. This provides them with a completely different type knowledge compared to a traditional education.

For the recruitment of adepts to the program.
“It has been incredibly inspiring and instructive to meet all the adepts. Especially, to see their curiosity and openness. This will set new trends, both short and long-term, in Swedish business,” says Kristian Andersson, CEO of MultiMind.

Over the ten months that have passed since the first round, more and more companies have opened their eyes to this unique opportunity. Today, business leaders stand in line to get involved.

The selected leaders are from Preem, Fortum Värme, Apoteket, MTR Tunnelbanan, Grosvenor, White Arkitekter, Arlanda Express and ABB Sverige, as well as the trade union TCO. During the coming year, they will be given the opportunity to develop as leaders and people while helping to renew Swedish business.  

Fryshuset Up & Coming Executive Program
Zilan Lawan, vice president of football team Dalkurd
Pato Silva, music producer
Aida Amoli, Communications Adviser
Fille Wenger, Artist and Media expert
Admed Ali, Entrepreneur
Lillian Rosén, Process Manager
Anas Hissen, Entrepreneur
Helena Hellberg, Project Manager in social work
Hiyoba Tewelde, Entrepreneur.

Petter Holland, CEO Preem
Eva Nordmark, Chairman TCO
Anders Egelrud, CEO Fortum Värme
Ann Carlsson, CEO Apoteket
Henrik Dahlin, CEO MTR Tunnelbanan
Carl Strufve, Director Grosvenor
Monica von Schmalensee, CEO White Architects
Per Thorstenson, CEO Arlanda Express
Lennart Carlsson, Senior Vice President ABB Sweden

Up & Coming Executive Program
The mentor program is a collaboration between Fryshuset, MultiMind and Beachfront Communications. Over a period of twelve months established business leaders with a more traditional career background are coached by younger leaders with street smart skills. The first round was completed in 2017. Read more about Fryshuset here: