Shaun Ogden

- It is very important to work proactively with diversity, says Shaun Ogden. This gives businesses great financial advantages and benefits society. Since August he works as a Staffing & Recruitment Manager at MultiMind.

When Shaun first arrived in Sweden he used to work as a mover. This was great for his geographical awareness, but not for his body and especially income-wise. After that he worked as a teacher in business English and a Key Account Manager for translation, language programs and intercultural communication techniques.

He returned to his home country Australia to work as a recruitment consultant while he finished his Masters degree in Sydney. When he finished he decided to take his newborn child and family back to Sweden. Back in Sweden he started to work with executive search, headhunting, leadership development and coaching.

Shaun is educated in economics, psychology and human resources. He likes variety, people and business, therefore working with staffing and recruitment fits him perfectly.

- “The mix of administration, human resources, recruitment and staffing is fun, challenging and important”, Shaun says. The pace is fast, but at MultiMind we value quality both for customers and candidates.

He finds Sweden and Autralia very similar except for the seasons. He really enjoys the Nordic regions change in seasons and the difference between light and dark throughout the seasons. As an Australian, he is a keen supporter of most sports, especially cricket and rugby. He will stay up and watch a game no matter what time it is broadcasted. He also enjoys surfing and has found some good spots in Nynäshamn and on Gotland.

Shaun’s favourite season is autumn because he really enjoys picking mushrooms especially chanterelles. – You cannot find the “the forrests’ gold” in Australia, Shaun says.