Nina Klemetti

-The biggest challenge for global companies today is being able to collect and share information, but at the same time learn to understand how the systems evolve, Nina Klemetti says, Master Data Specialist working at Ericsson for MultiMind.

Nina has studied technology and logistics as well as computer and systems sciences at Stockholm University. She has worked with business software in customer service, pharmaceuticals and food retail. Her main focus has always been logistics and products.

For the past four and a half years Nina has worked with process- and method development of logistic related master data for Ericsson. A company she is previously familiar with.

-After a couple of years at Valio in Finland I returned to Sweden and landed a job at Ericsson, Nina says. She stayed with the communication conglomerate for 18 years were she did everything from goods handling to loading and unloading, so she was well acquainted with the whole process.

Ericsson is moving from hardware to software and licenses and at the same time newly acquired companies must be integrated. As a logistic you need to be able to handle situations from different point of views. What Nina enjoys the most is that no day is alike and that she learns new things everyday.

Diversity is about more than just culture it is about gender and generations. We need to learn to understand each other, no matter whom we are, how old we are and were we come from.

-Mixed workplaces offer an entirely different dimension, Nina says, who finds working at MultiMind being an opportunity to grow at different businesses.