Layma Chekhonina

We are pleased to announce that this December, Layma Chekhonina has been named MultiMind’s Valued Consultant for the Winter Quarter.

Layma has her roots in Russia and moved from Moscow to Stockholm in 2014. She started her career with Procter & Gamble, one of MultiMind’s valued clients.

Back then MultiMind did not have the pleasure of having Layma as one of our consultants. But her natural curiosity, openness and social skills brought her to MultiMind, and we were able tooffer Layma an assignment with Samsung, where she today works as Project Coordinator.

 What makes Layma an outstanding consultant is in the way that her personal values affect her work with high quality and drive. Layma takes on each task with great responsibility. Her flexibility helps her find knowledge and learning in everything she experiences. She truly thrives in the role as a consultant, where one must be able to adapt to new environments and demands very quickly.

Layma’s ability to connect with people makes such transitions easy. Everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting her knows that she always takes time and interest in getting to know them. She is considerate, friendly and positive.

All this makes Layma a great ambassador for MultiMind’s core values: FRED – Flexibility, Respect, Engagement and Drive.

While being a driven, ambitious and forward-thinking woman, she always treats people with respect and curiosity. A great example of how diversity and inclusion can lead to a happier work environment. She is a great supporter for MultiMind, and a guaranteed attendee at any of our events.

Layma, thank you for inspiring us! May we have the pleasure of having you on board the MultiMind adventure for a long time!