Julia Makarova

First time Julia Makarova got in touch with MultiMind was in August 2015. She applied for one position, but was then contacted about another position for which she was a perfect fit.

“I like the variety of possibilities MultiMind offers, and their views on multiculturalism. And I feel the same way about Sweden, I love hearing different languages, and seeing different cultures,” says Julia.

For Julia, diversity is synergy. When people have different backgrounds, it leads to a more open environment where everyone can be themselves. She feels that her home country could learn from Sweden when it comes to accepting other cultures.

She has a bachelor’s degree in transport and logistics from Latvia, and a master’s degree in shipping from Norway. Back home she worked in Customer Service, but before she came to Sweden she also worked in Belgium as a Logistics Coordinator.

Julia feels that she also has a good ability to adapt, and likes to learn new languages. Apart from her home country Latvia, she had lived in three countries by the early age of 25, and her experiences were only positive. After just 6 months in Sweden she could start her first job, speaking Swedish.

“Today I speak four languages - Latvian, Russian, English and Swedish,” says Julija.

Besides being a consultant for MultiMind, she has worked as a Customer and Sales Coordinator.  For MultiMind she held a position as a Customization Initiative Leader for Procter & Gamble.

“Working in logistics is working in a dynamic environment and your day is never the same. My work creates a lot of external contacts and networking. This profession contains a bit of everything. You need to know how the business works, be a bit technical, but also have good ‘soft skills’ training,” says Julija.

How she spends her free time changed quite a bit when she moved to Sweden.

“I have always been a book worm and still am, but in Sweden I have become more sports minded. I started jogging when I moved here, and I love it,” says Julija.