Hashim Said

In 2013, Hashim Said came to Sweden. For a year prior to his arrival, he was involved with research on Swedish culture and the labor market.

As a Marketing Executive, it is essential to understand the cultural behavior of the consumer from a strategic point of view. So, he looked at trends and opportunities with a strategic approach and cross-cultural interest, which was his field of expertise while working in Qatar, Egypt and Eritrea.

When arriving in Stockholm, Hashim chose MultiMind as his first, and continuous, employer.

“For me, there was a click, a connection, a confidence in the team, an interaction and establishment of loyalty from both sides. MultiMind believed in me and encouraged me for several assignments,” says Hashim.  

Today, he is working with finances for MultiMind’s largest client, but his journey with the company also included other assignments and adventures within sales and market research.

It is Hashim’s deep respect and passion for cross culturalism, especially in the Nordic markets, that makes him a proud advocate for diversity at MultiMind, and one of our most valued consultants.

“With MultiMind, there is a trust that I can deliver to the client, which is the most important thing as a consultant,” says Hashim.

His hard work, positive approach and patience is what makes him stand out. He truly lives the brand of MultiMind’s core values: FRED – Flexibility, Respect, Engagement and Drive.

“Everyone at MultiMind has had a great influence on what I have accomplished,” says Hashim.

Thank you, Hashim, for your great spirit and performance for the past four years. We hope that your journey with us will continue for many more!