Coyin Yong

Growing up in Malaysia means, that for most people, they will become multilingual. Coyin Yong speaks six languages: English, Chinese, Malay, Cantonese, Indonesian and Taiwanese and soon also Swedish. She began to study medicine in her homeland and continued her studies in China.  

“It was probably my most life-changing decision because it was where I met my Swedish partner and I decided to move to Sweden.”   

At MultiMind Coyin works in marketing research, an exciting job with great challenges, which is a constant push outside one’s comfort zone. Customers come from very different industries so every project is unique. It is important to be able to quickly grasp the idea of the products and the whole situation in one briefing. Often, the assignments are under pressure of tight deadlines. It’s very challenging to be rejected, and at the same time learn not to be rejected the next time. But Coyin learns quickly.

“I like to learn new things during a project, it’s really fulfilling! And I love MultiMind, I think it is a great company with great aims.”

Diversity is something Coyin has both experienced and enjoyed great advantages of while growing up in Malaysia, a diverse country with a mix of various cultures and languages.

“The most important thing for people is to keep an open mind. It makes you creative, innovative, tolerant and understanding – all that is good in life. It is diversity that makes the world so interesting!”

In her spare time she likes to read, she enjoys traveling and discovering new places and also likes all kinds of sports. And she is good at singing. Her favorite word is 加油 (Jiayou), which in Chinese means “add petrol”. Just what one needs if you have as much energy as Coyin.